Of all my assets, my ass is my favourite – Tracy Obonna

Nigerian-born, US-based actress and model,Tracy Obonna is known as the ‘African Bombshell’, not for any other reason but for her shapely, curvy, hips and bum. The actress who premiered her latest film “Dope Fiend” last week at the Newark International Film Festival has said she works so hard to maintain the shape

“I love  my body and I work out three times a week to  keep it this way, so why not show it off, now  that I’m fresh and young.

I love my assets, both  bum and boobs, that’s why, don’t get me wrong, I’ll wear a low cut top and show off the ‘girls (boobs) sometimes, but my butt is my favourite. I  am just crazy about them” she told Potpourri in an interview.


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