NYSC Certificate Scandal: PDP Calls For Sack, Criminal Prosecution Of Adeosun

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has charged President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately sack, order the arrest and trial of Kemi Adeosun, the minister of finance, for alleged forgery of her NYSC certificate.

The PDP urged Buhari not to provide cover for Adeosun as has become the character of the President whenever close allies or agents were found wanting on issues of corruption.

“The world can now see how the Buhari Presidency has been concealing sharp practices under it. We can now see why there is humongous corruption under President Buhari’s watch and why Mr. President has refused to take any concrete steps to check the sleazes in his administrations,” the party said in a statement.

“Perhaps such ‘artful dodgers’ were deliberately hired and placed in revenue related agencies to perfect the pilfering of our common patrimony for interests in the Buhari Presidency.

“The PDP challenges President Buhari to prove himself a man of integrity by allowing an open system-wide and independent inquest into all alleged corrupt practices in his presidency.”

The spokesman for the former ruling party said the President should also allow an open inquest into his handling, with Adeosun, of all the nation’s depleted foreign financial instruments, including the Excess Crude Account, from which funds he said were allegedly taken without recourse to the National Assembly.

He also said Buhari should allow an inquest into his administration’s borrowing of over N10tn in 30 months, with Adeosun as minister of finance and the purposes for which the money was used.

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