Non-payment of election duty allowance

A MONTH after the governorship elections in Bayelsa and Kogi states, some of the policemen who provided security during the elections are still waiting for the payment of their election duty allowance, according to a December 13 report.  It isn’t surprising that the affected policemen are angry and complaining.

The affected 225 policemen from Ekiti State Police Command who were deployed to Kogi State for the November 16 governorship election allege that their names were removed from the list of those due for payment. They want the Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Mohammed Adamu, to look into the matter.

Their spokesman told journalists:  “We want the IGP to investigate this matter, get our allowances for us and mete out proper punishment to whoever is culpable. Those behind this are the ones responsible for the force’s bad image.

“We risked our lives day and night to ensure adequate security during that volatile election. It is appalling and shocking that the police authorities have refused to pay us, a month after the election, while others have received theirs.”

They suspect fraud, which takes the matter to another level:  “This has given room for suspicion that the fund must have been embezzled allegedly by some high ranking police officers at the state or zonal level. We appeal to the IGP to investigate the cause of the delay.”

The Nigeria Police Force (NPF) said it deployed 66,241 policemen in the governorship elections, 35,200 in Kogi State and 31,041in Bayelsa State.  In addition, there were the police mobile force, special protection unit, counter-terrorism unit and other security outfits. The IGP also ordered the posting of deputy inspectors general of police (DIGs), AIGs, CPs, DCPs, and ACPs to all senatorial districts and local government areas in the two states. It is unclear whether the protesting policemen are the only ones who haven’t been paid election duty allowance.

Interestingly, an October report showing why so many policemen and policewomen appear in shabby uniforms, despite the police budget for uniform and other clothing, had quoted an Assistant Superintendent of Police with the same Ekiti State Command, who has been in the NPF for more than 20 years:  “I have been buying my uniform since I left the Police College. We are aware that there is always a budget for uniform but we do not know what becomes of the money earmarked for it. In fact, if you ask any police, they will tell you they are aware, but people don’t get the uniform. So, where does the money go?”

Where is the money meant for the payment of election duty allowance to the protesting policemen in Ekiti State?

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