Nollywod Actress Threatens To Commit Suicide After Boyfriend Beat Her Up (Photos)

Nigerian actress identified as Praise Ogbonna, has cried out and threaten that she will commit suicide after suffering domestic violence in the hands of her boyfriend.

She shared photos of the wounds he inflicted on her and also shared a photo of a knife and razor, and threatened to take her own life with the sharp objects if someone doesn’t talk sense to her.

Her words: “This is what i get for being in love. Someone should better talk senses into me now, or else i would use the last items on the last slide on me now. This is what i get for being nice, people always hurting me. Getting beaten up by a man. #domesticviolencevictim 
“I do not know who i am anything, i am tired of supressing feelings deep inside of me. Tired of smiling and suffering, from one challenge to the other and now this. I can’t believe i would ever be a victim, it hurts really bad. I feel worthless.”

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