No vacancy in Aso Rock in 2019, Buhari gets 2nd term nod


On Tuesday night, members of the National Caucus of APC, declared that there will be no vacancy in the Presidency in 2019, in a seeming lure to Pres. Buhari to seek a second term, which would help to stabilise the polity in the face of what members described as the 16-year rot inherited from PDP.

According to Vanguradngr, one of the issues agreed on at the meeting was that Pres. Buhari should be given an opportunity to seek a 2nd term. The issue was allegedly brought up as a way of resting restiveness among some party leaders, who have been divided over their various aspirations for 2019…. ds means Fashola will av to wait till 2023 to become d president…. Cc: Vanguradngr 


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