Nigerian Senate uncovers 25 fresh errors involving about N37bn, in the 2016 budget

Nigeria’s federal lawmakers are set to remove N37bn from the 2016 budget presented by Pres Buhari, after 25 fresh errors were discovered in it. The Nation reports that the mistakes were made in the following eight areas: Duplication of budget line items; Budget items with quantities not specified; Budget items with no location.

Large amount of money being appropriated for rehabilitation/repairs of office /residential buildings and purchase of office furniture and fittings; Budget items repeated over the past four years; Curious budget line items; Non-priority budget items; and Wrongly classified budget items.  

Quoting a source, the report said: “From the budget, we have discovered that the vote for the generation of 700 MW from Zungeru hydropower project was duplicated 7 times. The National Bureau of Statistics projected to spend N257m and N231m in the same budget on procurement of items. 

At our session, we were amazed that we could still be having two estimates for the same project. From less than 12 MDAs, over N21bn can be saved and re-allocated to create needed jobs for the millions of unemployed youths.”…. who now rely on the free 10mb given to them by network providers, to browse…. 


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