Nigerian Lesbian girl tricked man into getting her pregnant because IVF cost more


Kafayat Adegoke, 30, of Bradford, UK, tricked men into sleeping with her to get pregnant so she could be a single mum and claim benefits. She pretended she was straight and slept with men because it was
cheaper than IVF or surrogacy.


Adegoke, who is in a relationship with a woman, Aisha Atan, quizzed the men she dated about their family background, medical history and blood group before she picked her Mr Right. She then dumped him after two months when she fell pregnant.

Kafayat explained: “Ever since I was a little girl I have yearned for a baby. Kafayat realised she was gay at age 16 but always wanted to be a mum As a gay woman, surrogacy or IVF were options but I couldn’t afford these and they seemed way too much hassle.


I decided I would have to sleep with a man and started to look out for guys that were good-looking and intelligent with a sense of humour. “I’d like my child to have all these attributes. I thought logically and what I needed was a sperm donor and there were plenty of these walking the streets and I could take my pick.

I decided to pretend I was straight and trick a man into getting me pregnant.” She is now planning speaking to her local council to secure a house and benefits, arguing: “I deserve them like any other single mum.”


Kafayat dated 3 men during her year of searching in 2014. The 3rd and final unwitting sperm donor was a 34-year-old colleague. She told how she researched the best sexual positions to get pregnant in, though admitted the thought of sleeping with men made her feel sick. Kafayat slept with the man twice before getting pregnant.

Kafayat said she will tell the child their dad is a sperm donor but won’t go into any more detail than that. She explained: “My baby’s dad has tried to contact me a few times but I want nothing to do with him. I don’t regret tricking a man into getting me pregnant. All that matters is my baby.”…. innit?….


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