Nigerian fraudster jailed for four and a half years in the UK


Idris Ogunsanya, a 29-year-old unemployed man who defrauded scores of people out of thousands of pound to enjoy luxury items and holidays has been jailed for four and half years. He was
found guilty of ten counts of fraud or possession of articles used in fraud.

He was arrested after using a stolen credit card to buy a £375 bottle of Dom Perignon champagne at The Radisson Blu Edwardian hotel in Canary Wharf on 1 November 2013. At his house, officers seized a large number of stolen and blank credit cards, correspondence addressed to neighbours, some £6,000 in cash, a device for skimming card details from ATMs and a credit card reader. .

Further goods seized including a 60 inch television, champagnes and several pairs of expensive and unworn trainers. He enjoyed a high-end lifestyle that included traveling extensively, usually in business class, and staying at hotels including the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai…. but dt was way b4 Davido advised dt no b by force to go there…..


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