Nigerian drug dealer arrested in Thailand after a hot chase by the police

Pattaya police announced the arrest on the afternoon of Sunday, 6th March, of Chinedu Odunze, 29, who was earlier under investigation by the Police, who had received information about him from arrested addicts. So they set up a sting operation to catch him red handed.

Undercover agents arranged for a meeting with him at a restaurant to purchase drugs. He agreed and on arriving with his Thai girlfriend in a Toyota Vios car, and meeting with the agent he suddenly got very suspicious and revved up the car as police tried to surround him.

As a result, a car chase occurred. He was finally after he crashed into a motorbike, injuring the rider and passenger. On searching the car, police found 10 grams of crystal meth in the car and he was arrested as the girlfriend had somehow escaped. The case continues as Chinedu now faces serious drug charges…. remember him in ur payers tonight….


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