Nigerian Doctor, Anthony Madu, Allegedly Nabbed For Fraud In UK Defends Himself

About two years ago, we published a story from Daily Mail about Doctor Anthony Madu who was tried and found guilty for fraud relating to his medical practice in the UK. However, on Monday (13/8/2018), OluFamous.Com got a mail from him, stating his own side of the story.

See the first story HERE and read his defence below;

The information you published contained so many factual inaccuracies. The whole matter was racially instigated and orchestrated. It is white UK media falsehood.

My trial was very poorly conducted by the trial Judge. We were not allowed to cross-examine witnesses or present documents to the Jury. Some witness(s) came and were asked to go home by the Judge. No evidence of forgery or misrepresentation of facts, were presented against me.

In May 2012, a tribunal judge in England ruled that race discrimination against me was “well defined” and that I had been “stereotyped” because I was a “Nigerian” and linked it directly to this Welsh matter. In fact if I was white welsh or British this matter would not even go to court.

There were material evidence of gang-up against me and non-disclosure of material by a corrupt prosecution service and staff. There was manipulation and interference by corrupt court officials and investigators. There was racial discrimination against me in the process.

I was NEVER on sick leave or sick pay. I did not send £95,000 to Nigerian Bank account. Most of the information published was factually inaccurate and sensationalised.

A court ruled that I did not set out to do the locum work for “pure personal financial gain” but to keep update of clinical skills. Thousands of lives were saved. Hundreds of life-saving surgeries were performed at the time of the part-time locum work.

I had wished you understood the racial and political nature of the problem before you copied from institutionally discriminatory white UK media/writers whose publications on this matter were, biased, mostly factually inaccurate and sensationalised

Dr Anthony Emeka Madu 
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