Nigerian Cristiano Ronaldo fan murders Nigerian Lionel Messi fan

The tragic incident occurred yesterday in Mumbai, India. Chukwuma Nwabu, 22, (top left) argued that Ronaldo is better, and attacked his friend, Durumchukwu Obinna Michael (top right), when he didn’t agree. Michael had just turned 34 a day before. He was a Messi fan. 

The two men and a group of friends had gathered at a friend’s house to celebrate Michael’s birthday on Saturday night. By Sunday morning, most of the friends had left, while the owner of the house retired to the bedroom. Michael and Nwabu continued to hang out at the house and were watching a football match. 

An argument later broke out about who is the better footballer. Michael supported Argentina and Barcelona striker Lionel Messi, while Nwabu argued that Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid and Portugal star) was better. Verbal abuses began to fly and Nwabu hit Michael, who threw a glass tumbler at him in retaliation. 

The tumbler missed Nwabu’s head and smashed on the wall instead. Incensed, Nwabu picked up a broken glass shard and rammed it into Michael’s throat, killing him. Nwabu was later arrested by the Tulinj police. All those at the birthday party were Nigerians in Mumbai on student visas.


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