Nigerian-American NBA player’s babymama wants child support to be increased from N3.6m to N12m


According to TMZ, Andre Iguodala has a 6-year-old girl, London, with a 151 IQ, and his babymama, Clayanna Warthen, says Iguodala, an NBA player, won’t even fully pay for her education. Warthen claims she
can’t even fully pay for the girl’s school expenses on the $18k ( N3.6m ) a month he’s paying in child support.

She also says he won’t let little London even meet her other half-siblings. Warthen, who had a 6 year relationship with Iguodala, wants the monthly support hiked to $58k ( N12m ) a month, claiming it fits the court’s child support schedule since Iguodala makes around $11m ( N2.2b ) a year. They will be in court Monday to fight it out….. let’s pray Warthen wins…..


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