New iPhones courageously ditch including a free headphone dongle

Apple is under the impression that its “courage” has already paid off and that it no longer needs to ship a headphone dongle with its new phones. Mission accomplished!

The new iPhone XS and XR models will not include the Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter, and users will have to buy it separately for $9. The iPhone 8 will also not include the dongle moving forward, The Verge reported.

The dongle is just $9 at least and if you’ve been an iPhone owner for the past few years you’ve got one already.

To be a clear, a lot of phones have been moving in the headphone jack-less direction and it was a nice precedent to set that Apple included the dongles with its past models in the first place. That said, the Pixel 2 included the dongle so Apple is again leading the way here with an unpopular move.

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