“My son is an armed robber,” father tells the police, as he hands him over for investigation


Mr Arogoy has handed over his son, David, who engaged in armed robbery, to the police at Ekpan Division in Uvwie, Delta State, after David returned home in agony in the early hours of March 14 with bullet wounds.

He also informed the DPO, Chris Sorgbara, that David had been in the armed robbery business for long and he did not want to be seen as aiding and abetting his chosen profession.

David later confessed that he and his gang had gone on a robbery operation in Edo Guest House at Ekpan that day, and that their leader, Oga Kenneth, was killed during the operation. An incident that, Sorgbara confirmed.

It was also gathered that on March 13, 2016, the 20-man gang mounted a roadblock on the NPA expressway directly under the refinery fly-over, where they had dispossessed unsuspecting road users of many valuables. The gang had been terrorising the area for over a month…. ppl r however calling Arogoy, a bad father for snitching…. Cc: Tribune


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