My family friend kidnapped, sold my daughter for N20k – Onyeisi


Success Onyeisi, 3, went missing on the 22nd of December, 2015, in Lagos. She was abducted by a neighbor, Emmanuel Okpara, who joined the father, Godwin Onyeisi, an okada rider, to look for her, until he
was fingered by those who saw him with the girl.

Okpara was subsequently arrested and he has confessed that he sold Success for N20,000. But the whereabouts of the buyer is still unknown. A troubled Onyeisi said he initially did not believe that Okpara, whom he treated like a brother could kidnap his daughter.

He said: “The worst part is that he followed me to all the places I went to in search of my daughter, with the same clothe he wore when he kidnapped her. For two days, we went round in search of my daughter and Okpara was with me all through.

From December 23, we started hearing information that he was seen with my daughter, but I did not believe it because Success is very close to him. I have been very good to his family; I even connected my generator to his house to give them light.

Whenever my daughter is given food, she will take it to eat with him. Once we bath her, she will take her clothe to him to wear for her. So I did not want to believe that he was behind her disappearance. I told people who said he kidnapped her, to stop lying against him.

My wife later got angry and went to report to the police that I was also a suspect. That was how I was arrested with him. After some days, he confessed that he was the one who took her and that he sold her for N20,000.”

The Police have now launched a manhunt for the buyer and the prophet he allegedly gave the child to. It was learnt that the buyer gave the child to a chief, who owns two companies at Lekki, who then handed her over to his prophet for sacrifice.

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