Mrs. Akeredolu assures girls of better exposure

Wife of Ondo State Governor Arabinrin Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu has said the year 2019 BEMORE Summer Boot Camp would expose participants to an unending world of opportunities where their capacities would be enhanced to conveniently contribute their own quota to the development of their society.

At the opening of the Camp yesterday at the Public Service Training Institute (PSTI), Ilara Mokin, Mrs. Akeredolu noted that girls have become preys in the society and as such there is need to build their capacity by broadening their intellectual, emotional and societal quotients to develop a strong self-worth that gives them a conviction that they are in no way lesser than men.

According to her, the situation of the girl-child is becoming deplorable daily, as they are left bare and exposed without protection.

The First Lady, who said it’s time the world knew women are not fools, said 250 girls will partake in the 2019 BEMORE SUMMER BOOT Camp, thus, adding to the 750 girls already trained through the programme in the last two years.

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She noted that through the training, the narratives of the girl-child has since changed, thereby complementing stakeholders’ efforts to bring balance to the gender world.

She said: “We are sailing on troubled waters. The captain of the ship seems to have taken their hands off the wheel. The girl folk is being hunted in every way. First, we should not speak; we must not stand eyeball to eyeball with the men. We are being molested as though we are lesser beings, but we know what we have to do to protect ourselves and that is why we are here today.

“For two years, we have trained 750 girls, thus changing the narratives of the girl-child; that will bring that balance to the gender world; that will ensure that no girl is looked down upon because girls do amazing things.”

Mrs. Akeredolu urged the girls to take advantage of the two-week training and aspire to greatness. She also said this year’s training will include self-defence (taekwando) for girls, to provide shield against the backdrop of rising cases of rape, as women and girls have become an endangered species in Nigeria.

A BEMORE Ambassador, Ms. Ehimosan, shared her experience and opportunities with participants, stressing that BEMORE has strengthened the interest of girls in Science and Technology, Mathematics among others.

Two other participants, Miss Oretan Inioluwa and Oyetan Omotolani Joy, also thanked Mrs. Akeredolu for giving them the opportunity to be part of the programme, while promising to put in their best and make the best use of the opportunity.

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