MoviePass keeps plan at $10, but limits subscribers to three movies a month

Troubled theater subscription service MoviePass is rejiggering its subscription plan once again. The company announced via press release that, due to consumer feedback, it won’t be raising the monthly subscription fee to $14.95 a month. Instead, things are staying at $9.95.

The baddish news is that the $10 month plan is shifting from unlimited to three movies a month. Beyond that, the pass will offer “up to a $5.00 discount for any additional movie tickets.” As the company noted earlier, the move is aimed at “protect[ing] the longevity of our company and prevent[ing] abuse of the service.”

The company adds in today’s announcement that “Because only 15 percent of MoviePass members see four or more movies a month, we expect that the new subscription model will have no impact whatsoever on over 85 percent of our subscribers.


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