Motiv’s fitness ring finally supports Android

The Motiv ring is a surprisingly capable fitness tracker. Look, I said so right here in my review. Up until now, however, it’s had one glaring omission: it didn’t work with Android. After a year and a half of promises, the company has finally addressed the issue, making its wearable compatible with the world’s largest mobile operating system.

The company offered up compatibility in an open-beta back in April, and the final version of the app is now live to all users on a slew of different Android handsets, including the Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, S9, Note 5, and Note 8, Google Pixel and Pixel 2.

In a press release tied to the news, the company’s CEO Tejash Unadkat called Android compatibility Motiv’s “most requested ask.” As to what took the company so long to roll it out, I suspect it’s a combination of having a fairly small team and wanting to get all of the issues with Android just right.

In addition to full Android support, Motiv also added integration with Google’s health-tracking app, Fit.

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