Mistakes To Never Make When Booking A Luxury Hotel

It’s easier than ever to book hotel accommodations as you can easily book any hotel of your choice online. But while the online booking process may be more convenient, many travellers still make small mistakes that can end up costing them.

Jumia shares some common hotel booking mistakes to avoid.

Not knowing when to book
There is a particular rule for the best time to book a hotel but anticipating the seasonality of a destination and taking into account the most popular times to make reservations can help save you money. If you’re targeting a highly desirable destination, it may make sense to book early. If you are going to a destination with a lot of availability it might make sense to book later.
Not reading customer reviews
When evaluating a hotel, don’t skip the user reviews. Reading through reviews from previous guests can give you an idea of the hotel – from the quality of service to whether the hotel’s photos are an accurate representation of the property. Sifting through reviews can help you determine if the hotel is the right fit for your trip.
Using incorrect arrival and departure dates
If you are on a trip, always give the correct arrival and departure dates so that the hotel will reserve your room for you. This will prevent any brickbat and delay for something that is entirely your fault.
Booking non-refundable rates
Ever wondered why non-refundable rates are cheaper than the regular rates, even if the room is the same? It’s because the hotelier benefits from the lower price as there will be no need to refund the guest if they do not check in at the appropriate time. This will ensure that the rooms are not empty. So, if possible, avoid booking non-refundable rates.
Not following up with the hotel
Many hotel booking sites allow you to leave detailed information about your needs for your preferred hotel. This information can include special requests ranging from a rollaway bed for a child to asking for a quiet room away from the elevator. This said, do not conclude your request will be readily available. Make sure you follow up with the hotel.


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