Minister’s wife refuses to remove her veil for MTN registration


An alleged wife of one of the Ministers of Nigeria caused a stir today at an MTN registration outlet located at the Garki II, Lagos street, Abuja. The Yoruba-speaking woman first refused to allow security operatives check her before
gaining entrance into the premises.

Zainab, an MTN staff, later intervened and allowed her in, only for her to insist that she wouldn’t remove the veil on her face so that her face could be captured as part of the sim registration process. She suggested that they should do the registration without taking her snapshot.

When that failed, she said she must first get an authorization from her husband before she could remove her veil. While speaking to a Dailypost correspondent, the woman said: “Can you imagine the embarrassment, an ordinary policewoman stopping me from entering an office in my own country? I will show you ( a threat to the police officer ).

I want to do this registration thing and they say I must open my veil, which I cannot do because it is against my belief. I managed to gain access into the office after several embarrassments from these police guards. When I got in, the MTN officials said I needed to open up my face for a snapshot to complete my registration process which I had not even started.

I just came out to take permission from my husband, whether or not I should unveil myself, before this policewoman said if I go out, I won’t be allowed to go back into the office unless I am thoroughly searched.”….. she shld sue both MTN and Nigeria Police Force for ds nonsense…… Cc: Dailypost


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