Married Woman Stabs Her Boyfriend To Death Over Another Lady

A woman is shamelessly committing adultery, her husband didn’t kill her. But same adulterous wife went ahead to kill the man she’s messing around with because of another lady. Getting involved with an adulterous woman is destroying your life and destiny. Be warned!

A married woman who was planning to divorce her husband and marry her 33-year-old lover has stabbed the man to death.

Reports say 31-year-old Jacqueline Souza killed her lover, Brandon Watkins, on the suspicion that he was cheating on her with another lady.

She was also quoted to have said that Brandon died while they were arguing about who to invite for their upcoming wedding.

Jacqueline was reportedly in the process of divorcing her husband to enable her marry Brandon Watkins.

“Jacqueline stabbed her lover to death on Saturday during an argument about a wedding guest,” Police said.

Jacqueline was arrested on suspicion of murder after officials say Brandon was stabbed with a steak knife at his Colorado Springs home, the Colorado Springs Gazette reported.

Souza called the emergency number 911 around 12:30 a.m. Saturday to report an “unknown urgent medical assist.”

When police arrived, they discovered Brandon unresponsive on the kitchen floor and a bloody steak knife on the table.

Brandon’s sister, Erika Watkins, wrote in a GoFundMe page that he was an Army veteran, “stone cold stunner and animal lover” who was a “victim of a senseless murder.”

Jacqueline — who was reportedly in the process of divorcing another man while planning her wedding to Watkins — reportedly gave investigators several different accounts of the events leading up to her lover’s death.

The couple appeared to have been engaged since late June.

Jacqueline said she and Watkins were coming home from a bar to celebrate their upcoming wedding in Las Vegas when they began fighting over the guest list. She said the groom wanted to invite a woman he once had an affair with, causing Jacqueline to believe the relationship was ongoing, the report stated.

But what happened next remains unclear.

Jacqueline initially told police that she walked out of the bathroom to find Brandon with a steak knife in his chest and the door open in the kitchen, officials said. Police, however, didn’t find any signs of a possible break-in.

The adulterous woman then claimed that Brandon may have stabbed himself in the chest after their fight.

In her third account, Jacqueline accused her fiancé of cheating with other ladies. She then claimed that Brandon became violent and they continued trading insults in the kitchen where Brandon grabbed the steak knife and threatened her, the Colorado Springs Gazette reported.

She then reportedly backtracked on her statement about Brandon threatening her, but said Brandon fell on top of the knife when she pushed him to get away.

Jacqueline told investigators that she called 911 and administered CPR until police arrived.

Jacqueline posted $50,000 bond on Tuesday, police said.

She’s expected to return to court on August 1.

Brandon Watkins’ family said they are working to bring the 33-year-old’s body back to New Jersey so he can be buried near his mother and brother’s home.

(Colorado Springs Gazette)
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