Man who Iceprince’s girl reportedly cheated on him with, taunts him


Last week, there were reports that Maima Nkewa has been cheating on Iceprince with a Nigerian money bag based in Abuja, Akinbode. Although mongers say the affair has been on for long. The latest rumors were
hinged on exhibits collated from the duo’s IG pages.


What gave the secret affair up was that they both shared selfies taken at the same locations ( Paris and London ) and the same backgrounds. Observant people quickly spotted this and went to town with it. To save face, Maima quickly took to her page to profess her love for Iceprince and he replied her.


Iceprince later started catching feelings and went on a Twitter rant, saying that Akinbode wasn’t actually on vacation with his babe. And that he was only trying to break them up. But Akinbode has now posted pictures of himself and Maima together at their vacation spots just to show Iceprince that he indeed vacationed with her.



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