Man says spirit told him to use knife to remove neighbor’s 7-month old pregnancy.


Ibibe Okonta, 19, stabbed his 7-month-old pregnant neighbor, Oyinyechi Chinaka, 7 times, leading to loss of her pregnancy. Chinaka, a mother-of-two, was rushed to the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH). She
survived but lost the pregnancy.

Okonta stabbed her in the stomach, arm and neck, then left her to bleed to death at their Mushin residence, all because she caught him red-handed in her room, while stealing from her purse. She’d have died, but for the timely intervention of other neighbors.

Okonta said he was pushed by an evil spirit to stab the woman. He added: “I went to her house to steal money. She caught me, but a spirit told me to stab her. So I went to the kitchen and took the knife and stabbed her with it.

I stabbed her because I didn’t want her to reveal to the other neighbors that I’m a thief. I fled the house when I saw blood everywhere. It was my brother that exposed me. He took me to Oloasan Police Station, where I was arrested.”

Okota has been charged to court for attempted murder. But Chinaka’s people are not happy with the charge, they want him to be charged for murder because she lost her 7-month-old fetus. They’re accusing the DPO of Olosan Police Station and the Investigating Police Officer (IPO) of conducting shoddy investigation.


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