Man Haunted By ‘Evil Forces’ Poisons His Mother, Wife, Daughter; Then Commits Suicide

Kunal Trivedi, a 45-year-old Indian man has allegedly poisoned his mother, wife and daughter before hanging himself at his Naroda residence on Tuesday night, the Times Of India reports.

In a suicide note addressed to his mother, Kunal Trivedi wrote that “evil forces” compelled him to do it.

While Trivedi, his wife Kavita (40) and daughter Shireen (15) have died, his mother Jayshree is currently battling for life at a hospital.

“In a three-page suicide note addressed to Jayshree, Trivedi wrote that he was haunted by evil forces which led him to develop a drinking habit that no one understood,” said ACP (Sector 2) Ashok Yadav.

The note, written in Hindi, read: “Mummy you failed to understand me. Life would have been different had you understood why I took to alcohol. The word suicide was never there in my dictionary. I have told you many times about evil forces, haunting me because of my weakness due to addiction.”

The note also mentioned that Trivedi didn’t “owe anyone a single penny”, but had lent money to others and had invested in his business, Yadav added.

Naroda police have registered a case of accidental death and are probing whether Trivedi, who had a cosmetics business, was in touch with tantriks (occult practitioners).

Around 9.30pm on Tuesday, cops were informed that the Trivedi family wasn’t responding to calls from relatives.

“We rushed to the spot and broke open the door to find an unconscious Jayshree lying on the floor, calling out her son feebly,” said Yadav.

“We found Trivedi hanging from a ceiling fan in the bedroom while Kavita and Shireen were found dead in the next room,” he added.

After poisoning his wife and daughter, Trivedi apparently strangled them to death as strangulation marks are visible on their necks. Their postmortem reports are awaited,” said cops. Police are yet to ascertain if Jayshree was poisoned as well.

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