Man Celebrates His Girlfriend's Birthday In A Benin Night Club – Pics

To these people, recession is just word. An apparent “big boy” was the center of attraction in a Benin nightclub in Edo state, after he bought a bottle of Ace of Spade champagne for his girl who was celebrating her birthday. Against expectation, the young man poured the expensive drink which is worth over N120,000 ($300) for th4268185_capture_jpeg6d0ce43c2e6495dc5ba7597dd3872afd 4268186_re_jpeg77488dd00da49d0d94d921562c9f5e5c 4268187_sane_jpeg911b62cbce606c976fb34249ebd68ded 4268188_sane1_jpegf2fcb25d136ac36e9d60dea3a0f26bb1 4268195_sane2_jpegcb00c1d80149048f3d81486ac6e72cb9e girl as she washed her hands with it (this is apart from the other expensive drinks which were ordered at the club). Being a rare happening, other girls at the club couldn’t help but take pictures.


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