Man brutalizes his own child and niece


MC Icewater Aroucha, who shared the news, wrote: “Time check it’s 10:49pm. And here comes these kids being rushed into the Nigeria Airforce Medical Center, Ikeja.
Results of endless blows and usage of belts on kids. Child molestation at its peak.

What happened??

So I was just hanging around to settle some bills (mumsie came to rest abit) at the Nigeria Airforce Medical Center and my colleague Lolade Keisha aka Slimmytee who stays on base decided to come give me moral support and here comes these kids with a man towing along known to be a neighbour – Hon Olalekan

And Slimytee’s journalistic instincts swings into action thereby gingering mine into taking pictures while she goes about getting all the facts. The gist is this. The man who did such to these kids – the boy – Ibrahim Azeez (14) and the girl – Shukara Azeez (15) is actually the boy’s father and an uncle to the girl.

He’s an okada rider and practically more of a thug (according to the good neighbour). He lives at 7, Dele Obilade close, Mafoluku, Oshodi and has already been handed over to the policemen on duty at Shogunle Police Post.

The children said they were asleep, when their Dad – Mr Azeez came in and started using various objects on them and of course the resultant effect is the pictures you have here.

Asked after their mummy and they said she doesn’t stay with them anymore and of course they are used to this type of beating even though this is the most fatal of all in the series of such.

This is hoping Human rights activists won’t allow this man go unpunished as the police men might want to handle this with kids gloves. The good neighbour who brought them down and also took care of their bills can be reached via 08023458248 – Hon Olalekan”


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