Man arrested for stealing a 7-month-old baby


Happiness Umaru, 26, is currently under investigation by the operatives of the Gender Department of Lagos State Police Command, for allegedly kidnapping a baby, after being intercepted at Eric Moore, Surulere by policemen attached to the Rapid Response Squad, RRS, at about 10p.m. on March 16, 2016.

During interrogation, Umaru initially claimed to be the girl’s biological father but later confessed that he found the baby around Ijora Railway, when he went into a bush to defecate. The scene of the incident was visited and Patricia Victor, the biological mother of the baby was located.

Patricia said: “I laid my 7-month-old baby, Favour, on the bed inside my house at about 8p.m., to buy food for my son. By the time I returned with the food, Favour had disappeared. I raised alarm and neighbours joined me in the search all thorough the night, but we did not find him. I did not know that police officers had arrested the man who stole my baby. Luckily, when they came the next day to investigate the case, they located me.” Cc: Vanguradngr 


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