Magic Leap One coming this summer, will run on Nvidia Tegra X2

After a few years of waiting, Magic Leap says it will finally ship its first hardware this summer. The company has already detailed that the Magic Leap One would be shipping the device in 2018, but after scant follow-up it was a little dubious whether they would actually hit that deadline.

In a developer-focused Twitch stream, several Magic Leap employees offered details about the system specs for the augmented reality headset. Right off the bat, the startup noted that the device’s brain will be an Nvidia Tegra X2 system, probably one of the more powerful options for mobile devices, though it is bulky enough that the company needed to build a dedicated hip pack in order to house it.

Still no details on price.

The company has previously discussed that the Magic Leap One is intended for home use though it is mobile.

Plenty of questions still remain, including some critical missing technical details surrounding the display tech being used and how large the device’s field-of-view will be.

The startup has raised at least $2.3 billion according to Crunchbase from investors including Google, Alibaba, Andreessen Horowitz and a laundry list of others.


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