Lagos State government removes principal, vp and 4 teachers who battered student

The Principal of Eva Adelaja Girls Secondary School in Bariga, Lagos, Mrs C. O. Coker, Vice-Principal, Mrs Balogun and four teachers, Mr Bello (Mathematics), Mrs Tejumaye (English language), Mrs Omoge (Physic Education) and Mr Bakare (Economics) were removed, following the investigation into the flogging of a JSS 2 student, Ogechi Anyalewechi, on March 16, by the teachers on the principal’s instruction.  

They will no longer work in the school and will now report at the Education District 2, while the assault victim and the erring head girl were appropriately counselled by the School Social Services Directorate on the proper way to conduct themselves in school.

Ogechi got into trouble after returning the slap the Head Girl innocently gave her. Besides being caned, Ogechi was made to cut grass for over 4 hours. A fact-finding team visited the school, on Tuesday, after the news went viral on social media, and indicted the principal and the teachers…. who r now calling for d fast passage of the “anti-social media” bill….


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