Lady Shares Heartbreaking Story: “I Lost My Eye After My Drunk Brother Shot Me”

A beautiful lady has taken to social media to share the sad story of how her own brother assaulted her in 2016, when he was under the influence of alcohol.

The lady who said that she lost an eye after her brother shot her five times, revealed that she was in comatose state for two weeks.

Read her torching story…

“In 2016, my brother shot me 5 times and I lost an eye as a result. He was under the influence of alcohol when it happened and it was a bad period in his life. I was in the hospital for a while (in a comatose state for 2 weeks).

I woke up feeling very depressed but I knew I had to move on from the incident. Losing my eye took a toll on my self image but not anymore, I’m now a more social and more confident.

I believe we were born with 3 eyes…our 2 eyes and a soul…so yeah, I still have 2 eyes left. Also, I used to have a lot of seizures but I rarely have them anymore.

He’s my brother, he’s family and I still love him regardless and that will never change. When he was charged to court, I stood up for him. He was facing 45 years in prison but ended up getting only 10 years. I still check up on him and look after him.

I have found the strength to forgive him and I believe he’s now a changed person. – @purveyorporshe #MiraclesandMesses.”
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