Lady ‘Pushes’ Boyfriend To Death From Storey Building In Lagos As He Tried To Check Her Phone

The lady pictured above who allegedly pushed her boyfriend from a window of a storey building in Ajagbandi area of Lagos, while trying to prevent him from checking her phone, has been arrested by Police.

The boyfriend identified as Wilson Henry, had his neck and complete spinal cord broken as he landed on the fence of the building before resting on the septic tank. He died three days later at Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, LASUTH in Ikeja.

Vanguard gathered that the suspect, Adaugona Esu, a hair stylist was living in a self-contained room on Origa street with her boyfriend, until he traveled outside the country in July 2017, and along the line, she started dating the deceased, who neigbours said usually spent days with her in the apartment before leaving.

However, tragedy struck on July 13, 2018, after neigbours said they heard the usual banters from the lovers’ apartment, which was followed by shout of help from the suspect, and out of concern, some of the neighbours banged on the door and in the process, forced it open, to rescue Ada, as she was popularly called.

There was however allegation that one of the male tenants who entered the apartment, assisted Ada to throw Henry out of the window.

As at the time of filing this report, occupants of the story building had fled their homes for fear of being arrested, while the Police are said to be trailing the male tenant said to have assisted in throwing Henry out of the window.

Meanwhile, the suspect denied pushing Henry out of the window, insisting rather that he jumped out himself.

She said: “He came in drunk that night and wanted to collect my phone to search it but I refused. As I was struggling the phone with him, he started beating me and I shouted for help.

“At a point, I could not shout any more. When the door was forced opened by neigbours who came to my rescue, Henry ran into the bedroom and jumped out of the window.

“I did not push him. If I did, there would have been cracks on the window. He had jumped out of the window, Roy (the fleeing tenant) did not push Henry.

“He actually jumped out because he was afraid of Roy. I did not know he was injured until I rushed to the back yard and found him on the ground, unable to move. I carried him on my back to Crown Hospital from where his skull was stitched.

“But he could not move any part of his body as he complained of not having any feeling, even when the doctor pierced him with a needle.

“From there he was referred to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, LASUTH, where he died three days later”.
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