‘Keep Your Livestock Secure Or Face Consequences’ – Somalia Gov’t Warns Herdsmen

The Mayor of Mogadishu, capital city of Somali, has banned livestock from the streets and warned defaulters of severe consequences.

Osman alias Engineer Yarisow, warned of severe punishment to the owners of any livestock found within the city boundaries.

“I hereby tell the owners of the livestock to keep their animals in secure locations,” reads the mayor’s decree.

“Otherwise they will face severe consequences.”

Mr Osman instructed the law enforcement agencies to take action against the owners of any livestock found on the streets.

He said that his administration had granted the livestock owners two weeks to clear them from the streets.

“Owners of animals found roaming on the streets that do not take advantage of the two weeks will be fined.

But, if the practice continues, the animals will be confiscated by the municipality,” the decree further reads.

Pedestrians and motorists in Mogadishu often find the livestock a big nuisance and a great inconvenience.

The animals’ wastes are a common site on the Mogadishu streets. At the marketplaces, the animals often encroach on the fresh farm merchandise of unsuspecting traders. Cattle are the commonest livestock on the Mogadishu streets.

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