Kanye West signs a brother 'Tyga' to Good Music and announces joint album with Drake

Just yesterday I was watching the rapper sit beside his girlfriend Kylie Jenner at an event and I was just wondering what was happening to the young man’s music career but before we could stress too much the CEO of Good Music Kanye West during his Yeezy fashion show announced that Tyga has been signed to the music record label.

So is it safe o hope that his career would get a boost from this deal, let’s wait and watch and don’t forget that Kanye West would become his brother-inlaw if he marries Kylie Jenner, we guess some strings were pulled for this deal though.

Let’s also mention to you that Kanye West also made an announcement about his upcoming joint album with Drake too, he also made this known to all as he announced his new signee news.


Tyga’s former labels, Young Money and Cash Money still list him as their artist on their websites even though he self-released his last album, The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty through his Last Kings label in 2015. Kanye also beat 11 other labels to sign Desiigner of ‘Panda’ fame.


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