Jumia Deals – How many thieves and fraudsters are on that classifieds website?

Ok, so I have been putting writing this off for a while now just because I have been so busy and also forgetting about it.

Many times I have landed on the website called Jumia Deals, I do not know if the website was launched to discourage people from doing such kind of businesses or something else or they just hate deals.

Nigeria is already stressful enough so imagine how other people like me trying to simply buy one commodity or the

Ever since I have been trying to get good deals on anything I want to buy, I find myself checking websites like jiji.com, olx etc and finally landing on jumia deals website. One advice is ‘don’t bother’. You can’t even buy anything, there are so many fraudsters on that network it looks like it was specially set up for the fraudsters association of Nigeria. I thought of reporting the users asking me to pay before even seeing what I want to buy but then I would probably report everybody there and make a nuisance of myself.

Like, is the website even managed or monitored at all, why so many people trying to steal from other people.

When you try to buy anything, one idiot would tell you their office is either at Apapa, Tinkan Island, Berger, Orile …now tell them you live close to the so-called location and they should send their office address and they would go mum on you. If you complain of the distance they would offer to deliver and you have to deposit. Imagine how annoying it is when you are trying to buy what you need and 20 people have wasted your call units and time with the same story that you need to send money, it is so disgusting.

I wonder what Jumia is doing about it. If they can’t run that classified website then they can leave that web space for a more serious company with a vision to run. Sometimes a user just doesn’t want to wait for a 3 day delivery period so they search online for where they can just see and purchase what they need straight up.


I have bought things from Jumia and Konga in the past where I ended up not liking what was delivered and lamented on the time wasted in delivering or returning for something better or worst when they act clueless on dealing with a customer who didn’t like the quality of what was delivered.


I do hope Jumia cuts down on all those useless fraudsters on their network if they want people to use them.

I’m done writing sef! I want to go and drink cold water and cool off small because I done vex right now…


Peace out!


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