Jude O Nkama makes history in the U.S as 3 Nigerians get major appointments


The city of Newark, NJ in the United States has appointed 3 Nigerians into high level positions in its administration, just as Jude O Nkama becomes the first African to be appointed as judge in the 349 year history of the city and State of
New Jersey.


On Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2016, Hon. Ras Baraka, Mayor of the City of Newark, NJ appointed Hon. Ugochukwu Nwaokoro as Deputy Mayor; Mr. Jude Obasi Nkama, Esq., as Judge; and Mr. Evans Anyanwu, Esq. as Chief Prosecutor of the city.


With the appointments, Newark becomes the only city in the U.S. with such high level appointments of Africans. Nkama becomes one of the only 3 African-born judges in the whole of USA, including Judge Oliver Mbamara of New York State….. n they’ve all agreed to relocate to 9ja, where they’d b more appreciated, by next month…… Cc: @0505dami





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