Italian politician wants Nigerian migrant arrested for rape, castrated before deportation 



Jude Eboh, a 25-year-old Nigerian migrant who raped a migrant centre worker near Naples, will be deported back to Nigeria, police said Wednesday. Eboh was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly raping the worker at the center in Giugliano, near Naples, where he was living.



The man allegedly got inside the woman’s office, blocked the door and raped her. A colleague called Carabinieri police after she was able to get into the room and discovered the assault, investigative sources said. Eboh was taken to the Poggioreale prison in Naples.



However, Matteo Salvini, who leads Italy’s populist Northern League, has called for more thorough punishment on his Facebook page: “He’s been arrested, but that’s not enough. He should be chemically castrated and expelled from Italy,” he wrote.


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