In Abuja, thieves steal the handset of visiting World Muslim League scribe


Dr. Abdullahi Bin Abdul, the Executive Secretary of the World Muslim League Saudi Arabia, got an embarrassing welcome to Nigeria after his handset was stolen at the National Mosque, Abuja, on Friday, barely 24 hours after arriving Nigeria for the international conference on peace and stability.

Security agencies which are said to be hugely embarrassed by the development, are currently probing the alleged security breach which led to the theft. Abdul himself, is said to be worried by the incident. He had been accorded the honour of leading the Jumat prayer at the National Mosque on Friday.

A heavy security ring was therefore formed around him and his entourage by the relevant agencies. After the Jumat service, many dignitaries and worshippers tried to move closer to him, which led to the alleged security breach. He later discovered that his handset had been stolen.

While speaking with The Nation, a top source said: “This incident created an embarrassment for the cleric, diplomats and most of the dignitaries that accompanied him to the service. Abdul was shocked and embarrassed. No one could explain how it happened.”…. everyone asked abt it jst dey pull a wizkid….


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