I’m just worried about the idiots that rule this country – Written by Gerald Konwea, 28, CEO Cliqit


I’ve just seen photos and news about Patoranking’s visit to the Senate today. I actually don’t envy these guys and their success. I’m just worried about the idiots that rule this country. With all the support the
music industry has received over the years, shouldn’t the government allow them continue in their path of growth and then shift focus to supporting other industries that actually contribute meaningful stuff to the economy?

A lot of people and sectors need these access but never get it after spending their lifetime chasing. Some sectors like ICT for instance, from nowhere, erupted in Nigeria, and till today, make positive contributions to the IGR, GDP and help with Job creation.

I would expect our useless leaders to frolic with the likes of Tayo of Paga, Shagaya of Konga, just to mention a few, to draft out new policy directions for the future of ICT, but no, these pot bellied camels are proud to sit and take pictures with celebrities, some of whom cannot even make a smooth sentence, in an actual round table meeting. Discussing what?

Google released a map of the world today about the most searched ‘cost of things’ and guess what Nigeria had – ‘WEDDINGS’. With other parts of Africa not failing too searching for things like COW, CAMEL, etc. while the United States of course lived up to the expectation with ‘PATENTS’.


And people wonder why they are the greatest country on earth. If you take a look at the ICT budgets of our states you will weep blood. But how can they understand the importance of innovation and ICT when they still proudly boast of how they used slate to learn in school meanwhile children less than 2 years old now have moved on to using iPads effortlessly.

And instead of making it a secret, publicize it. That way, more young people will aspire to be like these industry experts rather than their current aspirations – to be the next big music star. We are 3rd world. We don’t need music stars yet. There are more pressing stars we need. Not the music ones.

I was at an entrepreneurship conference in July last year with thousands of youths in attendance each having a great idea but with no support. I remember a few who were getting frustrated and complained about lack of motivation. Some Agric woman in one of the sessions decried the attitude of Nigerian youths towards agriculture and I sat there wondering how many times they’ve seen another youth on TV meeting with the President and receiving press attention for doing well with agree for them to be motivated. Or you think theres no youth in farming? There are thousands.

People are motivated to follow paths they admire. What you see is what you admire. In Nigeria, we are already plagued with the get rich quick syndrome and we have a natural appetite for fame. Reinforcing the celebrity state of mind to our youths through these senseless government-music romance is counterproductive and disastrous to the growth and progress of this not so great nation.

I sit down on my bed everyday and draft out complete policy directions for states that can add billions to their IGR and create thousands of jobs and then sometimes almost abandon them in the folders they were created because of access problem. Yesterday, I signed a partnership that has already created 1000 jobs for Cross River in a 20 minute meeting without exchanging money or anything and the Cross River State governor has not even heard of this plan or has an idea that he has something like this coming at him.

Our Senators are busy having round table meetings with Pato. SMH. I am a business development consultant and I now consult for states and ministries. Before you come at me with useless facts about what the music industry contributes remember I have more facts for a counter argument than you.”


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