“I made a big mistake going into that marriage,” Nollywood actress says, as her marriage crashes


Taiwo Aromokun, is now a single mother-of-two, a set of twins. The sultry Yoruba film actress who married Holland-based Olayemi Abimbola, aka of Holland, on December 26, 2012 at the Ikoyi Marriage Registry, Lagos, is back in the country from her base in the UK, after her the crash.

In a recent TV interview, the Lagos State University graduate said the most important things to her now is taking care of her two kids and concentrate more on her job, adding that: “I am no longer in marriage. I made a big mistake going into that marriage and I have realized my mistakes.”

There are whispers that Taiwo reportedly found out that Olayemi is allegedly married to a white woman in Holland and they have two kids together. He reportedly tricked her into the marriage. In order to avoid immigration trouble, Olayemi allegedly returned to his wife in Holland.

Taiwo was said to have been eventually thrown out of her London flat last month with her twin kids, over unpaid rent and has been living from hand to mouth as Olayemi abandoned her. After some period, she packed her bag and ran back to Nigeria…. a land filled wt milk and honey…..


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