How to steal a man’s sperm to get pregnant – Home Insemination

Ever wondered why the condom did not work? How careful you were but she still got pregnant for you? Or simply, you are a lady in need of good insights on how to get pregnant by all means without directly involving the man, this is for you.

Lately, it’s been interesting to watch a topic trend or an individual go viral in the news because of a precious baby nobody knew about in the first place. The ‘father’ involved is outrightly denying fathering the child. the mother boldly points at him and says the baby is his. She demands a DNA test to prove but the alleged father is now in doubts as to his stand, he begins to suspect ‘sperm theft’ and how possible it is.


Just because I know that Google would complain about my texts TO BEING SEXUAL, I have attached a downloadable article I found online to help you understand the very simple process of sperm theft and the insemination you can do at home.

Here you go:

(Click link) HomeInseminationForfemalediscordantcouple

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