How To Find The Right Muslim Name For Your Baby

Parents who are expecting a child are the happiest in the world. They are receiving a huge blessing that Allah gives them a responsibility to raise a human being in His path. As Muslim, we are bound to our devotion to God and required to follow the teaching of our Great Prophet, peace be upon him, and that’s including naming our children. While there are so many things to prepare when parents expecting a child, preparing the right name for the child would be one of the most exciting and, at the same time, also challenging issues. It is obvious that everyone wants to give the most beautiful name to his or her child.

Looking for a name for our child is a very huge responsibility. The name we gave to our child will become his identity for the rest of his life. His name should be able to reflect on his root and who he really is. But as a devoted Muslim, we also need to remember that the name of our child is also our prayer. Islam as a religion provides a way of life that covers all aspects of our life. All things need to be in line with the Holy Quran and the teachings of Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him. The prophet himself said that on the day of resurrection, every believer will be called by their name and the name of their father. For that, every Muslim should have a good name and also give a good name to their children. So, how we find the right baby Muslim name for our child according to Islamic law?

Islam always has a close tie with Arabic culture and our religion gives special place to the Arabic language as that’s the language of Quran. No wonder, names derived from Arabic words become popular choices of Muslim baby names. But there’s no rule that obliges Muslims to have an Arabic name and as a matter a fact, not all Arabic names are Islamic. What we need to follow are the guides to name our children according to Islamic teaching. First, to notice, Islamic law prohibited several issues when naming a baby or someone:

–       Names reflecting worship or servitude of anything than Allah, not even the prophet or angels. For example Abd al-Ka’bah (slave of Ka’ bah); Abd al-sultan (slave of Sultan).

–       Names using attributes of Allah or using names befitting to Him, such as Al-Khaaliq (the creator) or Al-Rabb (the lord).

–       Name exclusively used by the kuffar or associated with religion other than Islam. For example Boutros or Peter.

Follow these guidelines to give a good name a baby according to Islamic faith:

–       The name must not found despicable by other people and potentially rejected by the child in the future. Names related to bad connotations, bad characters shouldn’t be chosen.

–       It is recommended to give the baby a name after the prophet and righteous people. This will show he is one of the faithful and also a commemoration to follow their steps.

–       There’s nothing wrong to give non-Arabic name, as long the name has good meaning and not conflicting with Islamic teachings.

With the information and guideline, hopefully, every devoted parent can find the right muslim name for their baby. In sha Allah.

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