How 3D Printing Can Enhance Your Event Presentation

The 3D printing industry is rapidly beginning to mature. What was once the purview only of those with thousands of dollars to throw around is quickly becoming a much more consumer-friendly market. Despite the greater accessibility, however, 3D printing remains a niche enough area that it can still provide a sense of wonder and excitement to a general audience.

Whatever kind of event you are going to be presenting at, making use of 3D printing gives you a simple way of greatly enhancing your event, and of ensuring that your audience is paying close attention throughout.


No matter what type of presentation you are giving, finding a way of introducing 3D printing, provided it’s not too convoluted of course, will ensure that your audience remains captivated throughout. Consider partnering with a 3D printing company to produce 3D printed merchandise related to your business prior to the event. You can then have a 3D printer in action on the stage while you are giving your presentation in order to demonstrate how the tech works.

If you produce your own invitations for the event, you can mention the 3D printer, perhaps even offer some 3D printed merchandise to attendees for free, in order to easily boost interest in your presentation.


While most people by now have heard of 3D printing, and some even have a vague notion of what it entails, relatively few people have actually seen one in action. This makes a 3D printing demonstration an excellent showstopper, and a great way to encourage people to attend your presentation.

As we mentioned earlier, 3D printed merchandise, even if it is only something very simple, is an effective way of promoting your business. It will also help you to set yourself apart from all the other event attendees who are handing out the usual keychains and branded pens. This in itself forms quite a powerful marketing message. It shows that your business is one that is embracing new technologies, and one that knows how to demonstrate those technologies effectively.


When businesses are invited to give presentations at events, it is inevitable that there will be a host of other businesses who operate in the same space as you who will also be giving their own presentations. Any opportunity you have do to set yourself apart from the competition should be seized upon. Incorporating 3D printing into your presentation is a perfect way to do this.

Not only will 3D printing set your presentation apart from all the similar ones at the event, it will also have the added bonus of demonstrating that your business has an innovative streak that your competitors are lacking. This simple act can therefore have a radical effect on how your presentation and business are received compared to your competition.

3D printing is an excellent way of enhancing any presentation. If your business makes use of 3D printing already, it should be pretty straightforward to incorporate it into your presentation. If your business doesn’t use 3D printing, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still take advantage of this new and exciting technology.

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