Hi, I’m Sarah, TechCrunch’s new intern

Hi. I’m Sarah Wells, TechCrunch’s summer intern.

I’m a Vermont native but have been living in the Boston area for the past five years completing a BA in English (with a sprinkling of minors in Physics and Computer Science) and an MS in Science Journalism.

It’s hard to say whether my techie fate was sealed when the computer in my childhood home had Linux installed or when I enthusiastically attended a live-taping of Screensavers with my family during our first trip to San Francisco circa 2003.

I’ll be writing this summer remotely out of Boston coffee shops (and occasionally the “T”) and focusing on robotic and machine learning news and features — and any other interesting stories that cross my plate.

If you want to see more of me feel free to check out my website, drop me a line or follow me on Twitter!

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