“God took control,” Shina Peters’ wife says, as she returns to Nigeria after beating cancer


Sammie Peters, wife of Afro Juju creator, Sir Shina Peters, is back in country after spending over two years in the USA where she was undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. She landed on Thursday, the 7th of Jan. 2015 in
the company of Sir Shina Peters and the only son they have together, Clinton.

In a telephone convo with E24-7 Magazine, last night, she said: “My God took control. He reversed my ugly situations and made me beautiful again. To God I give adoration and honor. It is only God that I will serve because He has made me whole again.”

Earlier, Sir Shina Peters had said: “I’m overwhelmed with joy that I returned to Nigeria with my wife, full of life. It is a great feeling, my brother, Sammie has been a great supporter, an amiable, loving wife and mother of my children.

She does not deserve such a dark moment in her life. I must confess to you that since we resigned our faith to God, He took control and the result is a hale and hearty Sammie.” Sammie returned barely four days to her 56th birthday.


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