Girl gets harassed after finding cockroach inside the meat pie she bought at Mr. Biggs


The victim sent in the mail last night. Here is her narrative: “I am a student of Leadcity Uni Ibadan; as I was coming from school this afternoon, I was hungry so I went to an eatery that’s ( Mr Biggs Mobil, it’s in
Ibadan too ). I bought 2meat pie n pet coke.

I sat there to eat it; after eating the first one n wanted to eat the second I saw a dead half cockroach in it. I showed them the pie; as I was showing the guys working there; a security guy named Bode who works there; he says y r u shouting it doesn’t mean n it’s normal during production.

I have the Bode guys pic; he even said he’s gon slap me if I say anything again. Pls I have the pic of the meat pie. Thanks. And the receipt which has today’s date for you to b sure. Thanks.”


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