Ghanian OAP berated for ridiculing “Beast of no nation” star over his poor command of English 

Motivational speaker, Sonnie Baduuk, said: “I agree with this lady .. #RelocateAbrahamAttah otherwise they will……………. With their PHD pull him down.. Now how can you sit on radio and say he has done nothing and that he can’t speak good English? Well let me tell you, one of the major reasons why they picked him was because of that very accent, the day he looses that, he will be out of job.

My advice to my fellow Ghanaians, let’s learn to celebrate our heroes, I will tell you this for free, Nigerians will never sit on the radio and condemn someone who has made it to the oscars and as such brought honor to the country, they will actually award him.. God has blessed Ghana so much but hmmmm our people will celebrate others and leave their own.. but don’t worry we are the change!!”


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