GEJ says he won’t speak on the arms scandal now


Yesterday, GEJ was honored by The Circle of Diplomats, at the Intercontinental Hotel In Geneva. And while speaking at Geneva Press Club on Security, and Development in Africa, he said: “I would not like to
comment now because the matter is in court.


I cannot comment. Definitely, I will speak. My comment now may affect witnesses and the judicial process. When I was President, I tried to build institutions like the Judiciary and separation of power and the electoral bodies. I should not be the one undermining the process.”


Pressed to comment on the huge amounts of money allegedly embezzled by some members of his administration, he said: “I have an idea about some of the corruption cases you are talking about.

The amount being mentioned in some cases are so huge, sometimes people think I was Nigeria’s President since independence. Sometimes, people just bandy figures. I remember somebody said we lost $49bn in 18 months.


The same man who made the allegation reduced the figure to $12bn. I got forensic experts to probe the books of NNPC to ascertain the veracity of the allegation. I even remember asking the German Chancellor who said if that amount of money was missing in her country, it would be a big issue. The truth of the matter is that if we lose such amount of money within 18 months as the allegation said, the country will collapse.”…. like d wall of Jericho……


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