“Fuck you, your end is near,” OAP, Krysten Enem shreds Burnaboy

Krysten has this to say: “So many reasons why many Nigerian artists don’t last more that 2 years or a few hits? Their poor personalities and horrible attitude. My manager contacted this artist 10 days ago. We spoke to his manager who happens to be his mum, asked for an interview.
My manager contacted this artist 10 days ago. We spoke to his manager who happens to be his mum, asked for an interview. This was 10 days ago or thereabout. The lady asked us to send an official email which we did right away with all details.
The interview was for #TheKrystnEnemShow on Africa Magic Urban. Yes, I was excited to interview the artist coz he’s quite talented. They said they will get back to us and it took another few days and we got email back of ‘we’ll confirm with so and so person. We waited.
Well, when there wasn’t any confirmation, I told my team to chill out and forget the interview. Guess what, yesterday evening, we get a mail. A mail confirming that they were ready for the interview today between 12 and 3pm. Last minute hurried arrangements made. All was set.
Today, called them again early morning to confirm, and again they said yes. 11.30am, everyone is set before 12noon call time. Well we get a call and they say, we are sorry, our artist cannot make it. He just woke up. We are like well, we are set, he can still come.
After all the back and forth, we agreed that the interview be moved. So I discharged my crew. Guess what, 4pm, we get a call again. Oh, sorry for earlier, he actually can make it. My manager calls me, I’m like huh?? How??? He persuades me to just do the interview.
I rally everyone on my team again. We agree to meet for 7pm. We get to the location 6.30pm and again get another call from artist team. Oh! We are sorry, he has not even had his bath, he cannot make it. So my team is sitting here looking at me like wtf is this lady serious?
Burnaboy, I JUST WANT TO SAY TO YOU. YOU END IS VERY NEAR. One day, you will drop a song and nobody will give a fuck. And I’m not just speaking about my show #KrystnEnemShow which you will one day beg to be on, I am speaking about your attitude.
Burnaboy, Nothing lasts forever. Talent is not enough. Character is man. Your personality stinks. Take a cue from those before you. @burnaboy thank you for making us drive back and forth Ogba, Ajah, Lekki, VI the whole of today. For making me look stupid.
Burnaboy, very Ill mannered and arrogant. Someday you will know that pride goes before a fall. @burnaboy fvck you and your weed stinking self. You probably think you can never fall, please ask your betters. You ain’t even that good.
Burnaboy that’s not how to treat media people. You need the media to be who you are. So if we ask for an interview, best say no I can’t. @burnaboy you ain’t doing us no favour. You need the publicity, I need the content, it’s 50/50, so stop acting like you the king.
Burnaboy I am disappointed in you and needless to say I have lost every bit of respect I had for your music. Get over yourself boy.”


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