Freeze calls ex-wife a violent adulteress as he makes case for men


The OAP is calling out his estranged ex-wife and mother of his 2 kids again. The married lasted for just 15 years but from his side of the story, it was filled with series of violence from the wife. His words: “I thank GOD for the fact that I don’t have to
wake up beside a violent adulteress! Proverbs 25:24 KJV [24] It is better to dwell in the corner of the housetop, than with a brawling woman and in a wide house.

What kind of wife attempts to hit her mother-in-law in the presence of her father-in-law and husband? #CursedWoman. When a man hits a woman he is a monster! What about when a woman repeatedly is violent to a man? And when that violence extends 2 his family. I am speaking out because I was once a victim of domestic abuse not because I am trying to spite my ex! What if I had died from the injuries.

As we continue to encourage silence because of ‘maturity’ we continue to punish innocent men being abused daily. I have injuries that have left my close friends and colleagues baffled. If I retaliate I become a wife beater. Who speaks up for us men? Silence and maturity never helped!

It made me, the victim, seem like the aggressor. leading me to finally speak out! I am creating the forum for men who are victims of domestic violence to have a voice and to speak up and be heard so help me GOD…… ppl r feel Freeze is lying cuz no woman alive can beat a man…….

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