For sleeping with landlady’s son, aunt burns niece with hot pressing iron


The incident occurred on Ogunjirin Street, Ketu, Lagos. The aunt of Bimpe Badmus, 16, sought assistance of two friends, Khadijah and Iya Daniel. They helped hold her hands and legs before using the
iron to burn her on several parts of her body. She was severely beaten and chased out of the house. An eyewitness said it was Khadijah that told the aunt that Bimpe was sleeping with the landlady’s son.

Khadijah brought the hot iron from her room and gave it to Bimpe’s aunt while she and Iya Daniel held her neck. Khadijah’s husband, Jimoh, said his wife had been problematic. Lagos police spokesperson, Patricia Amadin, said the suspects have been arrested and will be charged to court soon. But, Bimpe denied sleeping with the landlady’s son. She said: ”He has never slept with me.”…… he is just my bestie…..


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